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Dietary and Non-Dietary Tips For Lactating Mothers

Breastfeeding is one of the significant aspects of nursing a newborn as the mother’s milk helps strengthen the baby’s immune system. Recommended by Ayurveda, it is proven to have excellent effects on the baby. Moreover, breastfeeding also lowers the risks of asthma, allergies, respiratory diseases, and ear infections.  Breast milk is a significant source of nutrition for […]

How Ayurveda Can Help You with Lactation?

One of the most common factors of stress in new moms is that of low breast milk production. While motherhood is difficult enough towards the beginning, we at Wellness Mantra understand the issue and mental toll that lack of lactation can cause a new mother and this blog addresses the same from a holistic and Ayurvedic point […]

5 Ayurvedic Herbs That Can Help Boost Lactation in Mothers

Mother’s milk is the first instance of food, a power giving substance for newborn babies. The power of mother’s milk is unparalleled to any other supplement however, several mothers find themselves struggling to breastfeed their babies owing to the fact that their bodies aren’t producing enough milk. It is a well established fact that breastfeeding […]

What Are Prominent Problems Lactating Mothers Face? And How Ayurveda Has The Answer?

What Are Prominent Problems Lactating Mothers Face?  A mother’s milk is nature’s blessing for a child. It lays the biological and emotional foundations for the child as well as the mother especially when it is her first experience with motherhood.  The World Health Organisation considers breastfeeding as the most nutritious source of food that ensures […]