Wellness Mantra

Company Overview

Anand Ashram Charitable Trust

At Wellness Mantra of Anand Ashram Ayurved Private Limited, Mr. KS Chhabra is the joining link between the social aspects and the entrepreneurship. Anand Ashram Charitable Trust, founded by Mr. Chhabra along with few more like minded friends has a phenomenal track record of Services to the Humanity in about 14 Avenues of Sewa, few of them being:

Anand Ashram Charitable Trust Sewa Avenues

Girl Child Higher Education (Ashayein)

Value Education
(Jeevan Mulya)

Helping the underserved School Children with money and material need (Vidya Sahyog)

Blinds’ Welfare

Happiness Programs So far more than 30 probable suicide cases have been prevented through personal counselling

Serving the underserved with food and material

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