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What is Cancer?

Cancer is a type of disease where cells grow out of control, divide and invade other tissues. In a person without cancer, cell division is under control. In most tissues, healthy cells divide in a controlled way and copy themselves to create new healthy cells. With cancer, this normal process of cell division goes out of control.

What are the types of Cancer?

Factors that can cause cancer

Important to Note

There are over 200 varieties of cancer and a third of us will suffer from it during our lives.

Effects of Cancer

Fear and anxiety

Despite a wide range of cancer treatment available, it is still very frightening to hear the word “cancer”.

Anger, guilt and blame

It is common to ask “why me?” Perhaps you’re angry that you did everything right and still got cancer.


Being a long, painful and enduring solo battle, cancer can be isolating, even with many people to support you.

Pain and fatigue

Cancer does not always cause pain, but if it does, but he most common treatment side effect is fatigue, feeling exhausted and lacking energy for day-to-day activities.

Appetite changes

Your appetite might change if you feel unwell, anxious or depressed, or because of the physical effects of cancer treatment

Thinking and memory changes

Some people diagnosed with cancer notice changes in the way they think and remember information

Appearance changes

Cancer treatments can cause changes to your appearance, such as hair loss or loss of a body part


Certain cancer treatments directly affect the body’s sexual organs or hormone balance.


Some cancer treatments affect the reproductive organs, which may lead to temporary or permanent infertility

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Cancer, defined as the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body, is one of the biggest causes of mortality in the world today.