Wellness Mantra

Company Overview

Company Overview

We Care. We are your trusted companions, guiding you towards a healthy life, naturally! Wellness Mantra is an offshoot of Anand Ashram Ayurved Private Limited, an Ayurvedic medicine Company based on the model of Social Entrepreneurship. With the primary motive to contribute and serve the Humanity, we at Wellness Mantra strive to provide you with the most authentic and efficacious ayurvedic medication for major lifestyle-induced ailments. Being a socially driven organization, we measure our bottom line through the smiles of end beneficiaries rather than figures. Our values are the essence of every action we take, whether it’s ensuring quality products or delivering smiles to the needy.

Every Wellness Mantra product is not just a testament to our commitment to societal well-being but also a tribute to the ancient science of Ayurveda. To begin with, we are presenting to you very well researched ayurvedic wellness solutions in the therapeutic segments of Diabetes Management, Cardiac Care, Cancer Care, Obesity Management, Female Fertility & Wellness, Lactation Care, Immunity Enhancement and Laxative Care. We look forward to broadening our horizons for the betterment of our society and Humanity at large, in the times to come.

The Story Behind Wellness Mantra

From ancient Mantra to modern Avatar

The seed of Wellness Mantra was sown in 2012 with the inception of Anand Ashram Charitable Trust, a highly respected & progressive NGO. Fuelled by the ceaseless and selfless dedication, efforts and sheer will of Mr. KS Chhabra, Ms. Kawaljeet Chhabra and many others, Anand Ashram Charitable Trust gathered speed and support to emerge as a beacon of hope for thousands of underprivileged individuals. With ‘Service to Humanity’ as their anthem and goal, Anand Ashram Charitable Trust has launched various initiatives covering academics, nature preservation, life essentials and more, making a positive difference in the Community. In 2020, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. & Mrs. Chhabra realized a common threat to society emerging and silently eroding the well-being of the masses – lifestyle-induced diseases. To counter these growing health hazards, Anand Ashram Ayurved Private Limited’s Wellness Mantra was incepted in the same year. Wellness Mantra is an amalgamation of Mr. and Ms. Chhabra’s vast collective experience of nearly 40 years in the Ayurvedic and Pharmaceutical formulations domain along with Ms. Amrit Thakkar’s youthful exuberance and entrepreneurial acumen into a basket of safe, effective and affordable ayurvedic wellness solutions. Wellness Mantra’s journey may have just begun, but its altruistic legacy and an unshakable will to serve the ailing Humanity will fuel its purpose, passion and potential for decades to come.


To delve in the depth of ayurvedic wisdom and emerge as a leader in the Ayurvedic Therapeutic Segment, driven by the values of quality, purity, shraddha, care, trust and above all, service to the Humanity.


To continually and consistently be a trusted companion of good health for every member of the community by raising the standards of effectiveness, every day.

A.R.O.G.Y.A. – Our Wellness Mantra