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KarsiGo Capsules

Cellular Support Ayurvedic Supplement | Boosts Immunity & Improves Lifespan | Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory

KarsiGo™ Capsules is a marvellous ayurvedic combination of precious antineoplastic herbo-minerals, that prevent abnormal growth of cells and tissues. It nourishes the body as a whole, influencing several organs simultaneously. KarsiGo™ Capsules is useful in treating various types of benign, malignant and degenerative conditions and also helps in reducing the side-effects of the treatment.

It is prepared by following ancient Ayurveda texts and shastras. KarsiGo™ contains potent herbs like Suvarna Vasant Malti and Hirak Bhasma which work on abnormal cell functioning. It also has Rasa Sindoor which works on strengthening the immune system, Rohitak, which is effective in managing tissue swelling along with Haridra, Sarsharp and other herbs that play an important role in the fight against cancer.

  • KarsiGo Pack of 1 Capsules
    KarsiGo Pack of 1 Capsules
    KarsiGo Pack of 2 Capsules
    KarsiGo Pack of 3 Capsules


  • EFFECTIVE RELIEF FROM CONSTIPATION: AnandLax Tablets work as a natural laxative for your constipation and gastric troubles and offers a fast relief. A daily use of it improves digestion, facilitates regular bowel movements and keeps your gut healthy.
  • TREATS DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS: AnandLax tablets normalize bowel movement and cleanse the body. It eliminates toxins, lowers acidic levels in the intestine and helps treat digestive problems.
  • PURE AND AUTHENTIC HERBS: AnandLax Tablets is a unique blend of herbal ingredients, such as Aragvadh, Sonamukhi, Nishoth, Triphala, Sunthi and Yashtimadhu, that together combine to be one of the most suitable resolution for constipation and the distress caused by it.
  • FDCA AND GMP CERTIFIED: Be assured of the best of quality as AnandLax Tablets are ★ Tested for Heavy Metals ★ Made in India ★ 100% herbal active ingredients ★ Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ★ Approved by Food and Drug Control Administration (FDCA).

3 reviews for KarsiGo Capsules

  1. Dharmendra Kumar

    Brilliant product, extremely effective. I started taking KarsiGo capsules at the early stage of detection of cancer, 15% of my tumour cells have been reduced. Highly recommended.

  2. Farheen Khan

    I have been habitually eating pan, I got to know about KarsiGo capsules from Facebook, I have been taking KarsiGo capsules as a precaution against cancer. I can feel my immunity is getting better, its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are working for me. Good product.

  3. Soumya Mukherjee

    My mother got surgery done for breast cancer, she started taking KarsiGo capsules along with radiation therapy, her side effects from therapy had lowered, its been 8 months since the surgery, no signs of reoccurence till now. She plans to continue to take KarsiGo capsules. Go for it.

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