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Breastfeeding is one of the significant aspects of nursing a newborn as the mother’s milk helps strengthen the baby’s immune system. Recommended by Ayurveda, it is proven to have excellent effects on the baby. Moreover, breastfeeding also lowers the risks of asthma, allergies, respiratory diseases, and ear infections. 

Breast milk is a significant source of nutrition for babies as it provides antibodies, vitamins, proteins, and fat. Breastfeeding is good for the health of babies, and it is equally beneficial for the mother as well. 

Ayurveda advocates breastfeeding for a healthy post-pregnancy journey for the mother as it helps faster pregnancy weight loss, burns calories and also releases oxytocin; a hormone that helps in returning the uterus to its pre-pregnancy size. 

Breastfeeding is also known to reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Here are some dietary and non-dietary tips for lactating mothers:

Dietary & Non-dietary Tips for Lactating Mothers:

Non-dietary Recommendations:

#1 – Indulge in Physical Activity:

Heavy exercises and workouts do not directly affect milk flow, and hence, are not recommended for nursing mothers.

However, it is ideal to have an active lifestyle, which is why lactating mothers can indulge in low-impact fitness routines like yoga, pilates, dance and aerobics.

#2 – Hydration is Key:

Post-delivery, nursing mothers are at a high risk of dehydration. Thus, it is extremely important that a nursing mother keeps herself hydrated as breast milk is almost 90% water. A lactating mother should consume 10 to 12 glasses of water every day on average.

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Dietary Recommendations:

#1 – Fennel Seeds and Fenugreek Seeds:

Both fennel and fenugreek seeds are a great way to increase milk production in breastfeeding mothers as they enhance the level of estrogen; a hormone that helps in producing milk.

Fennel seeds can be infused with hot water to make tea which can be sweetened with jaggery. This tea can be consumed a couple of times in a day. Mothers can also have a spoonful of fennel seeds a few times a day.

Fenugreek seeds can also be infused with water and consumed two to three times a day.

#2 – Cinnamon:

Commonly found in most Indian kitchens, cinnamon is very effective in increasing milk production. It can be consumed for a month or two by mixing its powder with water.

#3 – Cumin Seeds:

Another commonly found item in the Indian kitchen, cumin seeds or jeera is extremely effective in curing low milk production.

A lactating mother can mix a teaspoon of cumin seeds with some sugar and have it with warm milk before going to bed.

#4 – Shatavari:

Shatavari is an Ayurvedic herb that is found to be effective in overcoming low milk production in nursing mothers. It helps regulate as well as maintain the body’s hormonal balance. Nursing mothers may consume it by mixing it in water.

#5 – Anise:

This Ayurvedic herb is to be infused in water along with some honey for sweetness and consumed two to three cups a day. It consists of estrogen properties and is also helpful in clearing blocked milk ducts to increase the milk flow.

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#6 – Garlic and Ginger:

Including ginger and garlic in a mother’s daily diet can solve certain lactation-related problems.

#7 – Drumstick and Basil:

Consuming fresh drumstick juice with half a glass of milk every day for a month helps increase milk production. You can also boil five to six basil leaves for two minutes, simmer and let them boil further for about five minutes. Strain the water, add some honey to it and drink it. This is recommended twice a day for a few months.

#8 – Choose Foods Rich in Iron, Protein and Calcium:

Calcium and iron rich foods are imperative for lactating mothers to consume as they aid nutrition in the post-partum stage. For protein, you may consider plant sources, such as soy products and legumes, lentils, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. While for iron and calcium, you can opt for dairy products, dark green vegetables, whole grains, nuts and fruits like apples, dates and raisins.

#9 Almonds:

#10 – Masoor Dal:

A very simple and easy way to help nursing mothers is to include at least five to six almonds in their diet. These almonds must have been soaked overnight. Consuming almonds is healthy for the overall health of lactating mothers.

Regular consumption of masoor dal with an added pinch of salt and a teaspoon of ghee is recommended for nursing mothers.

In addition to following these dietary and non-dietary tips, it is also important for lactating mothers to consume Ayurvedic supplements as they will enhance lactation without any side effects.

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