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Reasons Why Obesity Is Not A Choice

Obesity seems to have affected a large population owing to poor lifestyle choices and a sedentary lifestyle. And the reasons affecting it sometimes go beyond mere self-control. Here are a few reasons why obesity is not a choice: 6 Reasons Why Obesity (Overweight) Is Not a Choice: #1 – Genetics and Prenatal Factors: Health is […]

Ayurvedic Herbs for Weight Loss

Weight gain is an uncontrollable process most times, one extra junk food plate and one extra dessert become too many and lead to substantial weight gain over time as a result of which health problems relative to obesity start to arise. There are several natural supplements in the market for weight loss and Wellness Mantra […]

An Ayurvedic Approach To Weight Loss Is The Need Of The Hour

In these times of living a sedentary lifestyle, a lot of us have the need to lose weight. For most of us, who try to have a slimmer body, our tendency is to focus on one activity that is either exercise or dieting. It is worthwhile to know that weight loss is best achieved as […]