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Managing diabetes requires awareness. There are several reasons for the change in your blood sugar levels. There are different types of diabetes, each with a different cause, but they all share the core issue of having excess glucose in the bloodstream. This condition can be treated through medications and lifestyle changes. A balanced glycaemic control is key to preventing diabetes-related complications.

According to the World Health Organization, Diabetes is the most common disease across the world. Some types of diabetes can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle while for others you probably need medication. In fact, in Ayurveda, it is suggested to reduce the excess intake of sugar and carbohydrates.

Ayurveda’s outlook on diabetes

Wellness Mantra offers Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes. Wellness Mantra’s DM 120 tablets are a mix of Gudmar, Haritaki, Chirayata, Jamun, Karela, Methi, and 14 more blood sugar lowering herbs. The amalgamation of these natural herbs helps in maintaining the blood glucose levels without causing Hypoglycaemia.

While, Diabetes is not easily reversible, Ayurvedic methods can help you manage it, well. Few changes in the lifestyle, along with DM 120 tablets for diabetes, can help to keep diabetes in check. Other benefits of this ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes are:

  • Stimulates pancreas for insulin secretion and activity
  • Maintains stamina and fight fatigue
  • Helps control diabetes-related long term health complications


Diabetes is a medical condition known to affect all the vital organs of our body like kidneys, heart, eyes, brain, and so on and so forth, if not treated on time. Wellness Mantra believes that it is our responsibility to help society fight lifestyle diseases like diabetes with Ayurveda.

Manage your diabetes with DM 120 tablets, and live a stress-free life!