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The term “keto diet” has been recently introduced to the world and the results that fitness influencers claim to have achieved via keto have created a stir all over with people trying the same diet.

The thing everyone should know about diets is that they depend from person to person and it is imperative to try something that is extremely safe for your body.

So, what is a keto diet?

The keto diet is an iso caloric diet that mimics the effect of fasting. It is low in carbohydrates; less than 30 grams in total each day, and burns fat as your primary fuel. Generally, macronutrients are consumed in keto in the following percentages:

  • 5-10% Carbohydrates
  • 10-15% Proteins
  • 75- 85% Fats

However, not all low carbohydrate lifestyles are keto.

There are a few conditions wherein keto might be the ideal choice, especially in cases having neurological conditions. The conditions that support a ketogenic diet include:

  • Epilepsy
  • Certain cancers, especially brain cancer
  • Parkinson’s
  • GLUT1 deficiency syndrome
  • Certain subtypes of Alzheimer’s disease

As stated earlier, keto might not be for everyone so here are 4 reasons why you must think twice before getting on a ketogenic diet:

4 Reasons Why You Must Think Twice Before Getting on a Keto Diet:

#1 – Restricting yourself of carbohydrates can stall ovulation:

A significant onset of hormonal imbalance with irregular periods, skipped periods and irregular ovulation can be observed in women on a keto diet. Moreover, in some women this is happening within a couple of months of starting the ketogenic diet.

Most dietitians speculate that women need at least 150 grams of carbohydrate to be able to ovulate and have regular periods, which is much higher than the 20-30 grams of carbs allowed on a keto diet.

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#2 – How intake of carbs can affect thyroid function:

With any type of sudden food reduction, there is a risk of slowing down thyroid function, specifically the conversion of free T4 to free T3. The symptom of low thyroid function that is seen most after a keto diet is hair loss, but it can also include constipation, dry skin, and feeling cold at all times.

What’s happens here is that you are slowing down your metabolism, and the body goes into storage-mode. This can also happen with any form of prolonged high stress, calorie restriction and over-exercising. However, the he good news is that this effect is reversible once you adjust your nutrition, although it can take a few months for you to normalize again.

#3 – You might undergo rebound weight gain:

The keto diet is highly restrictive and most people find it hard to stick with it consistently. And with any restriction comes the infamous physiological urge to overeat. Any diet restriction followed by a binge results in the classic yo-yo weight fluctuation. These rapid fluctuations in weight are actually associated with increased mortality.

Diversity in diet is incredibly essential as you may grow tired of the restricted nature of the ketogenic approved foods. Not only that, you may also be incurring some serious micronutrient deficiencies.

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#4 – Possible Increased risk factors for cardiovascular disease and breast cancer:

Eating high fat, and especially lots of saturated fats has been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease. In spite of positive changes in fasting insulin levels, HDL cholesterol and blood pressure indicate lower cardiovascular risk.

A keto diet limits foods that are known to help against cancer: fruits, whole grains, beans. A keto diet includes animal proteins which boost IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1), which has been associated with increased cancer risk especially for breast and prostate cancer. Moreover, a high-fat, especially high saturated fat diet is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.

If you genuinely want to lose weight, getting onto FAD diets is not the solution. Yoga, exercise, clean eating and Ayurvedic supplements to boost the process are a safer and more result oriented approach to weight loss.



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