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Infertility amongst women is on an alarming rise in India and Ayurveda can be a solution

Motherhood is the ultimate bliss that completes a woman. Today’s fast-paced life and multidimensional responsibilities of women has increased stress levels which often lead to hormonal imbalances, many a time causing difficulty in conceiving. According to a survey conducted by WHO across India it was found that infertility rate among women has increased from 5% to 16% in the past 15 years, clearly reflecting major signs of concern that is needed to be addressed in order to improve the scenario.

To provide a concrete resolution to the issue Wellness Mantra has launched ReproFast tablets that can help in resolving infertility issues among women and can bring down the rising rate of infertility problems.

Let’s take a look at what is infertility, how it is increasing at an alarming rate over the past 15 years and how ReproFast tablets by Wellness Mantra can help in resolving the issues!

What is Infertility?

Infertility in women states a scenario when a woman is unable to conceive or get pregnant even after trying for a period of one year. In the case of infertility in a woman the regular process of releasing eggs from the ovary is either disrupted or have completely stopped (Ovulation). This makes it almost impossible for the egg fertilization process to happen, resulting in reflecting an infertility concern.  

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Causes of Infertility in Females:

There are many different factors that contribute to female infertility, some of them being:

  • – Increased pollution levels in the region stay
  • – Physical and Mental Stress
  • – Insomnia or staying awake at nights
  • – Age factor
  • – Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder
  • – Hormonal issues preventing Ovulation
  • – Abnormal and Irregular menstrual cycles
  • – Obesity
  • – Being underweight
  • – Low-fat content in the body because of extremely high physical exercises
  • – Endometriosis
  • – Structural issues with fallopian tube or uterus or ovaries
  • – Tumors
  • – Uterine Fibroids
  • – Autoimmune disorders (like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s disease, and thyroid gland conditions).
  • – Sexually transmitted infections
  • – Excessive smoking or drinking habits or both
  • – Primary Ovary insufficiency
  • – Regular usage of contraceptive medicines
  • – Past ectopic tubal pregnancy
  • – DES syndrome

Wellness Mantra brings to you a well-researched Ayurvedic solution to help overcome infertility issues amongst females and in turn contribute to tapering down the rising rate of infertility across the country.

Wellness Mantra’s ReproFast Tablets for Female Infertility

ReproFast tablets are a unique Ayurvedic combination, created to help women improve their reproductive health and chances of conceiving. Made from scientifically chosen herbs, ReproFast helps in impregnation, strengthens women’s internal systems, balances hormones and menstrual cycle, and supports gestation.

Combining the goodness of potent herbs like Nagakesar, Putrajivak, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Gokshura, Peepal fruit, Garbhpal Ras, Akharo, Bang Bhasma, Anantmool, and Indrajau seeds, ReproFast is made following the prescribed ancient, authentic Ayurvedic Shastra, in modern world-class facilities with high standards of testing norms.

The tablet should be taken twice a day along with a balanced diet and physical exercise to:

  • – Help restore hormonal imbalance and improve chances of conception,
  • – Help in the treatment of recurrent miscarriage,
  • – Aid in keeping the reproductive organs strong and healthy,
  • – Ensure better nourishment to the fetus and strengthen the uterine musculature,
  • – Improve follicular maturity and
  • – Stabilize irregularities in the menstrual cycle

Why Choose Wellness Mantra?

Wellness Mantra strives to provide you with the most authentic and efficacious Ayurvedic medication for major lifestyle-induced ailments. With our years of expertise in the field, we provide you with the best of trusted ancient scientific solution products that can help you overcome your medical problems. Wellness Mantra’s products are clinically tested and tried to ensure all our customers get the best of quality products when they look for a healthcare solution with us. To know more you can get in touch with us, visit: https://wellnessmantra.co.in/contact-us/